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Alternative Décor Ideas

So you’re not a froofy-floral-arrangement girl – that doesn’t mean you can’t still have unique wedding decorations that wow. 

Think outside the proverbial wedding-flower box with this list of blossom-free wedding decoration ideas:

Frame It

Use interesting and ornate frames throughout your wedding décor. They can be found inexpensively at flea markets and spray painted to match your wedding colors. Or you can purchase a pre-painted bundle of frames from an Etsy shop, like The Shabby Shak.

Play with Paper

Add some color with fun paper poms from BHLDN. The poms looks amazing when strung high in the tent or hung all together among twinkle lights. Colorful pinwheels are fun and playful, while paper crane garland can be a beautiful and unexpected addition to your décor.

Fun with Fabric

Simple strips of patterned or floral fabrics can be used to tie things together, while simple ribbons can jazz up any space or tablescape, like in this shoot on Ruffled. In addition, DIY fabric pennant flags that match your color scheme are super fun to hang throughout your venue or tent.

The Food Pyramid

Fill cylindrical glass vases with fruits and vegetables reflecting your colors. Lemons and limes have been done, so try for a unique, more contemporary look with texture-rich earthy vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, or artichokes. If citrus suits your color scheme and you’re using flowers, slice the lemons or limes and place them in the jar surrounding the stems.

A Library Look

Stacks of books intricately piled can work in a number of different ways. For sophisticates, choose antique leather-bounds and vintage classics. For a more fun approach, use books with bright spines and kitschy titles. Or, tie it to your wedding location – if beach-side, go with maritime classics like Moby Dick and The Old Man and the Sea.

Au Natural

Consult Mother Nature for inspiration, and bring the outdoors in. Natural objects like leaves, pinecones, and even twigs can add an organic aesthetic to your reception décor. Place them in rustic containers, or dip them in a gold or silver paint and scatter amongst pillar candles. This idea will nicely complement a fall wedding theme.

Cover It

Glass cloches and pedestals can take a tablescape from average to amazing. Place small potted plants under the glass covers or top the pedestal with colorful fruit and place the cover over the delicious cluster. Our favorite? Go green with the mossy terrarium look by filling jars, pedestals, and cloches with lush, live moss and lichen.