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All About Farewell Brunches

Say one last wedding-worthy good-bye with a stylish send-off.

The solution to a wedding that went by too fast? Prolong the party! Instead of making a clean getaway, stick around for a post-wedding brunch the next morning. Read on to learn how to pull it off in style. 

What Is a Post-Wedding Brunch

With all the effort that goes into planning a wedding, why should it end with the bouquet toss and getaway car? That’s what more and more couples are asking and answering by extending the affair to the morning after. A post-wedding brunch is a great way to wind down and exchange final good-byes.

When Is It

The brunch takes place the morning after the wedding. You’ll want to confirm check-out time with the hotel where you’ve secured the room block before making arrangements, so guests aren’t forced to wait around for brunch after they’ve checked out. 

Who Hosts the Brunch

The bride and groom may choose to host (as a nice gesture to thank their families and guests), or either side of the family can do the honors. Sometimes, a local friend or neighbor will offer to throw the soiree. 

Who’s Invited

Here, anything goes. The couples’ families and any long-distance guests are usually on the guest list. You can also include the wedding party, other wedding guests, even children who weren’t invited to the reception. Of course, if you’re thinking “the more the merrier,” feel free to invite the entire wedding guest list! 

Where Is It

The key here is keeping things convenient for your guests. The hotel dining room makes an obvious choice; other options include either of the parents’ homes, a nearby restaurant, or a friend’s backyard. 

What Happens at a Post-Wedding Brunch

Newlyweds can take this chance to thank their guests and spend more time speaking with each person individually – especially those loved ones who’ve flown in from afar. It’s best to keep things casual so guests feel comfortable wearing their travel clothes. As for the meal, stick with continental breakfast staples like muffins, croissants, and bagels served with jams and fruits, juices, and coffee. Of course, bloody marys and mimosas always go over well.

Farewell Brunches – Ideas & Trends

If you’re just itching to plan another highly stylized event (‘cause the wedding wasn’t enough work), feel free to get creative and give your guests a send-off they won’t forget. Consider theming your brunch after your honeymoon destination – Spanish eggs and tortillas if you’re headed to Mexico, exotic fruits if you’re headed to the Caribbean, antipasti platters if you’re headed to Italy – all with coordinating decor, of course. 

Another easy way to decorate for your farewell brunch is to recycle the centerpieces from your wedding; just ask your coordinator – or another trusted friend or relative – to make sure they make it back to the brunch site. 

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