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7 Ways to Save on Wedding Cake Prices

Let them eat wedding cake - without eating up your wedding budget…

Wedding cakes should be eye-catching, fabulous, and of course, tasty too! And just like every other aspect of your wedding day – wedding cake prices can creep skyward. But don’t let a tight budget stand between you and the ultimate wedding cake. Size and design are the main determinants in wedding cake cost. You can play with these elements to create a confection that is super-fab….and kind to your catering tab.

Have your cake (and eat it too) with these creative ways to save…

Cut that Guest List

As with all cost-per-person aspects of your wedding, narrowing down your guest list will result in a significant drop in wedding cake prices. Less mouths to feed = less slices; you get the idea. And any cake cutting fee, typically charged on a per slice bases as well, will also be reduced.

Hip to be Square

Square wedding cakes yield more slices than round ones. So go square – and make a deliciously modern statement!

Go Natural

Hand-constructed gum paste or sugar paste flowers can quickly rack up your wedding cake cost. Substitute these costly adornments with fresh fruits and flowers – an inexpensive option that is equally stunning.

Keep It Simple

While intricate, over-the-top cakes evoke the ultimate in wedding day opulence, today’s shift towards modern minimalism can foray into the world of cake design. Simple wedding cakes can be deliciously chic. So lose the ornate adornments and infinite skyward-stretching tiers, and opt for a clean design with an impeccably smooth surface. Add simple details such as a Swiss dot pattern or wide ribbon around the base. Stick to one flavor, as multiple flavors will increase the bottom line.

One Stop Shopping

If your wedding venue offers an onsite caterer, employ their services for your confection as well, and save on delivery and service fees. You will also ward off chances for a transportation mishap – a headache you surely want to avoid on the big day. Many reception sites offer a wedding cake as part of their package deal, so be sure to inquire when scouting reception sites. You can find more questions to ask your reception site here.

“Dummy Cakes”

Fancy a towering and dramatic wedding cake but don’t want to shell out the extra cash? Instead of paying for extra layers, ask your baker to create faux layers consisting of iced Styrofoam. Trust us – your guests will never be the wiser; it will be our little secret.

Outside the Proverbial Cake Pan

Of-the-moment brides are breaking with tradition and forgoing the cake all together - presenting instead pies or pastries on tiered platters as the centerpieces of their wedding receptions. Depending on your selection, this can be an uber-chic way to save. Dare we say it, even doughnuts are in vogue and have been spotted at some of the poshest black tie events!