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5 Ideas to Inspire Great Photos

Try these special photo opps for wedding pictures that will shine through the formal poses.

As you plan your wedding photography, remember to think about the specific moments that you want your photographer to capture. While the typical posed shots are pretty and will guarantee that all-important friends and family members are photographed, sprinkling your album with some unique shots will truly capture your personalities. Trust your photographer, but don’t be afraid to inspire him or her. Collect wedding photos that you love and share them with your photographer before your wedding day to ensure he or she understands your vision.

To get started, browse our favorite ideas for creative wedding photographs that capture the true energy of the day.


This is the day you have been carefully planning for months, and a lot of preparation is involved. Have your wedding photographer on hand as you primp and the excitement steadily builds. Be yourself in this moment and allow the photographer to capture behind-the-scenes shots at the salon, your parents’ house, or dressing room that truly record the nervous joy and anticipation. This is the day; your wedding photography should capture the poignancy of these special moments. Black-and-white film works perfectly here.

Spread the Focus

Your wedding is obviously an emotional day for you, but it is also a big day for everyone involved. Be sure to ask your photographer to document everyone’s emotional journey during the wedding ceremony and throughout the day, especially your parents as they focus on you saying “I do.” Even though you won’t be watching them in this moment, these images will capture the full force of their emotions.


Adding props to your wedding photos can help your personality shine. Some of our favorites? Take an empty picture frame and paint it one of your wedding colors. You and your new husband (or bridesmaids) can pose while holding the frame in front of you or just simply play with the frame as the photographer snaps away. Posing with vintage, antique furniture can also result in some truly gorgeous shots. The furniture is such an anomaly when set outside against a wooded backdrop or in the middle of a field. Check out Liesl Clark’s use of a vintage couch when she shot Amber and Ethan’s wedding. Lastly, planning to have a candy bar at your wedding? Use pieces of candy in your photo opps. Blow bubbles with bubble gum, pose with lollipops, or toss handfuls of brightly colored jelly beans in the air; this is your opportunity to help your photographer capture truly unique shots.

Candid Moments

Your girlfriends: You have laughed together and cried together and shared the gauntlet of emotions together. The images from your wedding day should reflect that special bond that only the best of girlfriends can share. While the line of bridesmaids is a good shot to have in your album, you probably want more creative shots of you and your girls. Make sure your photographer captures your vibrant personalities by simply being yourselves and getting wrapped up in the moment; this is the true essence of your friendships. And don’t forget the boys; let them do things they’re interested in while being photographed. Do they skateboard? Like working on cars? Catch them in their element, and you’re sure to get the very best shots.

Utilize Your Setting

You most likely choose your venue for a reason. This setting may tell a story about who you are as a couple and lend insight in to your future together. Stand on stonewalls and jump off, pose in archways or wide open fields with tall grass, gather up the hem of your gown, and stand knee-deep next to your new husband in the ocean. These moments where we throw caution to the wind are the best to capture on film.

Most of all, enjoy every moment of this day, because the joy will show in each frame. And when you need a little piece of it in the years to come, you can always look back at those moments.