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Grooms Get Points with First Dance

All eyes on you! Impress your bride (and your guests) by pulling of the first dance with just enough style…

Dancing.  The very word can bring fear into a perfectly normal groom’s life.  Guys know that girls like to dance and, let’s face it, most guys learn to dance to attract a girl.  So what’s the point in learning to dance once you’ve got the girl?  Answer: The first dance at your wedding reception.  Probably, given a choice, most grooms would opt out of the first dance and move right on through the reception.  But the first dance can be a great opportunity for grooms to get those extra “love bank” points that they can use as collateral later on!

Reasons Grooms Fear the First Dance

Grooms come through the door of a dance studio with two very real fears: 1) They will not be able to do a partnered dance and 2) They will look very silly trying.  But, the whole experience can be a very “liberating” one for them since they will be in-charge of the dance.  Because the man leads and the lady follows, grooms find out they can dance with a partner and they don’t look silly because the couple then moves as one across the floor.

How Private Dance Lessons Can Help

During private classes, instruction should be kept in every-day language with work on the dance frame, the couple’s posture, simple walking steps to their song and basic dance patterns.  This way a three-way “creation process” can start that will eventually produce choreography that the groom can remember and the bride can look beautiful dancing.

Brides and grooms need to start their first dance as soon as they can spare the time.  Couples can master simple routines in foxtrot, waltz, rumba, tango, and night club two-step in about five to fifteen lessons.  More elaborate first dances with props and costume changes and first dances that combine two or more dance types take a little longer to feel second nature.  Personalization is the underlying theme with today’s weddings and the first dance can be as personal as the bride and groom want it to be.

No matter what you think you might like to do or even if you have no ideas whatsoever and just want some help “not looking stupid”, a professional dance instructor who specializes in bride and groom first dances can work with you to create your dream first dance.  With time and patience you can have a dance to remember and even keep dancing for other special occasions all your married life.

Article contributed by Jilian Forbath, Owner, Our Wedding Dance - Newport Beach, CA

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