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Choosing Your Groomsmen

Tips on picking your side of the wedding party…

Ever played pick-up basketball or football with a number of your best friends? Remember how hard it was to pick some and not others for your squad? Welcome to picking your groomsmen, only here, you’re not judging them on their athletic prowess.

Instead of starting with a concrete number to shoot for, it’s a much better idea to make the quick and dirty list first. Chances are, that should be your final list. But when you tack on trying to match up with the number of bridesmaids on the other side of the aisle, plus the typical “if I ask him then I have to ask him” dilemmas inherent in friends that run in the same circles, it’s not that easy. We’re here to help.

Guidelines and suggestions for choosing your groomsmen:

  • Unless you’ve got an obvious issue with them that would turn your party into a war, always include your brothers and hers as well.
  • Parties start to lose their significance above eight. Try to stick to this number as the ceiling and urge your bride to do the same.
  • Try the all-or-none idea for friends that run in the same circles so you don’t have to play favorites.
  • If you’re having an especially hard time, consider sticking just to a best man or brothers and brothers-in-law.
  • There is no rule that says the bride and groom must have an equal number of attendants. If you’ve got six best friends, and she has seven - we’re willing to best one of your guys will be only too happy to escort two ladies down the aisle.