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Wedding Wardrobe: Adorn Brides

Think movie stars have all the fun?  Think again.  High-end jewelers also cater to brides looking to rent incredible accessories for their walk down the red carpet, er, aisle. 

How It Works:
Adornbrides.com offers brides glamorous baubles for a day.  Go online to browse their selection of high-end necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Then enter your wedding date, pick your jewelry type, and find your desired piece.

You pay a nonrefundable deposit of twenty-five percent of the total lease price (about $80-$400) when you make your reservation.  When Adorn Brides ships your jewelry, the company reserves approximately one third of the retail value on your credit card as a security deposit (retail value ranges about $2,000-$11,000).  You receive your jewelry via overnight delivery two days before your wedding.  Return it on the first business day following your event in the enclosed pre-addressed and pre-paid packaging.  Upon receipt of the return shipment, Adorn Brides removes the reserve and charges the remaining lease balance.

Additional Information

Adornbrides.com or inquire at your local jeweler.

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Wedding Wardrobe: Shoes to “Choos”

Give ordinary bridal kicks a shoe makeover even Jimmy would evny.  Crystal shoe clips add a touch of edgy glamour to ordinary wedding shoes.  Elegant and subtle, the clips come in a variety of designs featuring intricate beads, rhinestones, bows - you name it.  Best of all, reuse them on other accessories after the big day.

Additional Information

Absolutely Audrey shoe clips (average about $30); find retailers near you or order online at absolutelyaudrey.com

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